1st ever TPC Painting Challenge!!!!  Art posted and available for SALE!


With the recent storms, there has been much fear and panic released, destruction and heartache.  So I was praying about a way to make a difference...and the Lord dropped an idea in my heart!

Paint!  Challenge everyone on The Prophetic Canvas to paint...then sell the paintings and give the $ to a charity (of their choice) to help the victims!!!!

So, the theme is "Peace in the Storm".

I hope you are blessed by the artist's work and would want to purchase one!  The money will go to help those who have been through the recent storms!!!

If you have questions or are interested in a piece, click on the image and it will take you to the artist's page, email the artist directly if you would like to purchase their work!  
Thank you for stopping by!!!

Blessings and Peace to you in Jesus' Name!
Christine Council

Artist 1's photo