Rachel Relaford

Website:  www.rachelrelaford.com

Email:  rachelrelaford@aol.com

Title:  Life in the Storm

Testimony of Painting:  As I worshiped and painted this piece, I kept hearing "flip it", so when I was about 90% done I flipped it. It was then that the Lord said to me, " I always bring life in a storm, you just have to look at things differently" I realized then that the "flipping" was about our perspectives on things. In the midst of tragedy and heartache there is life developing. You may not see the actual birthing of it for some time but there is always life developing, growing, forming out of every situation we encounter.

Medium Used:  Acrylic on masonite

Width:  23"  Height:29"

Price:  200.00  

Shipping cost (estimated): 50.00

Countries willing to ship to:  any

Ministry the money will go to:  BlueStone  (ministry to New Orleans)

Method of payment accepted:  paypal

Paypal email:  rachelrelaford@aol.com