Mickie Holladay 

email:  mickieholladay@yahoo.com

Title of Painting:  Promise 

Testimony of Painting:  I was interested in this challenge, but was uninspired until last week when killer tornados struck my home state, Alabama. While helping salvage what we could from a friend's damaged house, my friend Nicole commented that I should use a damaged door for a piece of artwork. The wheels started turning and Daddy God started putting the pieces together.

We all have storms come into our life and they take different forms. Tornados, hurricanes, floods. Divorce, death, disease, war. All bad. All difficult. My late pastor, Lamar Junkins, constantly told us to thank God in and for everything. I still hear him say that when hard situations come into my life. I believe that when we thank Daddy God for a particular circumstance, He then can run with it and turn it into something good for us. He promised that all things work together for good for those that love Him. He promised!

Medium Used:  Partial wood door as substrate. Acrylic and Sharpie markers. Found objects - debris from the storm damage. All photos used are either royalty free stock photos or I took them myself.


Shipping cost (estimated):$30-$40

Countries willing to ship to:US

Ministry the money will go to:Samaritan's Purse

Method of payment accepted:  paypal

Paypal email:docholladay0820@gmail.com