Jennifer Page


Title:He is My Peace

Testimony of Painting:This painting was done for the victims of the recent storms.

In this Image, a silo wet of a woman is holding her hand to her heart where she feels Peace. The Light of God shines down on her bringing her that Peace. The Sparrow is nestled in the cliffs unharmed from the storms and is basking in the Light of God. The Rock of Christ is her foundation. The lilies in front of her are symbolic of serenity and provision. The storms that hit are shown to the left of the Image such as Tornadoes, storm, floods come, but her Peace is NOT stolen because her faith holds her up.

Medium Used:Water Color



Shipping cost (estimated):$25

Countries willing to ship to:Any

Ministry the money will go to:Operation Blessing- The 700 club : to help the victims of recent disasters

Method of payment accepted:paypal