Dolores DeVelde


Email  Title  His Love Transforms

Testimony of Painting  While working on this piece it was near easter and I was thinking about all Jesus went through for us.The butterfly showed up and I started thinking about how the butterfly goes through this metamorphosis changing from a caterpillar and in its cocoon being like a tiny prison is liquified and when its time to emerge it must do so completely on its own with out help from outside source or its wings will never mature and it will die. Jesus showed us through His suffering the beauty of true love and How amazing it is we have all this beauty all around us to teach us of Gods great love, The Butterfly being one amazing lesson is persevering from that which looks worthless to a thing of beauty..Fractals have been coined by scientist with the name "The Thumb Print of God" I like that

Medium Used  Fractal Art (Digital)

Width  18Height  24

Price  65.00

Shipping cost (estimated)  included in cost

Countries willing to ship to  usa

Ministry the money will go to  By The Way Ministries

Method of payment accepted  paypal

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